Monday, 3 October 2016

New beginnings <3

A new love is blooming. Endless impossible dreams are now showing hope. It isn't just winter. It is the season of new beginnings. It's not about me, it is about us now. There is confusion, there is infatuation. All kinds filmy things a filmmaker like me would want. All annoying romantic things that used to elude me are now a part of my daily routine. All insecurities are now coming up in my brain, but the heart wants what it wants, and it is her and only her. I feel lost at times, things seem to go fast now, I'm also a bit scared. Although, despite all this drama I have someone special finally and for now that is all what matters. Isn't that what we all long for?

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My first "good" English cover

Listen to Little things by ONE DIRECTION (cover) by Dhairya Joshi #np on #SoundCloud

Monday, 2 May 2016

The Superlative Proposal

Image result for proposal

When I was the weakest
Your love made me the strongest
When I was the saddest
You were the one who was the kindest

In the world I'm the luckiest
Coz you make me the happiest
You happen to be the prettiest
And you make me laugh with jokes wittiest

You are my everything
Without you I'm nothing
So lets be together for eternity
As the magnitude of our love is way past infinity

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Shortlived Romance

Image result for main rahoon ya na rahoon

She was in a different school
But her attraction still made me drool
But nothing was possible
To her my feelings weren't even audible

She had a muscular boyfriend
Whom I didn't want to offend
Coz he'd give me a sprain
If he took a look in my brain

But she was in my tuition class
Maths, for this reason I could never pass
I couldn't stop looking at her
Her surroundings were a mere blur

So I decided to take a chance
Try to woo her with my amateur romance
I got her a lot of chocolates the other day
I had to get her, in any way

But at the door my bad luck rang
The chocolates were seen by the entire girl gang
They devoured all the chocolate
I looked at the floor contemplating my fate

So I spent all my pocket money
And still didn't taste any honey
This was my embarrassing affair
I pray to god these are rare

Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Embarrasing Situation

the embarrassing situation

i was chatting with dis pretty gal
Though she was just a pal
i was flirting with her
she knew i was kidding with her

I was also chattin with my girlfriend
Our lovley chat was supposed to end 
I wanted to make it romantic
B'coz I am a poem fanatic

I typed 'My world lies in your eyes,
There is where my soul lies'
But then there was a little error
My heart was filled with terror

I had written it to the other girl
My mind had began to swirl
The girl asked weather I was drunk
At the moment my heart totally sunk

i felt i had done unforgiveable crimes
I typed in'sorry' a hundred times
But the girl was very merciful
she forgave me and said my poems were beautiful!!!

Friday, 15 April 2016


Closure can do two things, give you satisfaction or be a bitch if you don't get it. I still haven't got my closure for something that happened ages ago. It hurts me when its brought up, puts me in a turmoil. What I have learned its best to let it go. Closure is not something you achieve and it is totally useless to pursue it. It would just hurt you more.
Its just best you let it go. I'm trying it step by step and it is working. It will help you too.

Yet another rant!!!

Okay, so I have a lot of self proclaimed talent right. Like I can sing, act, write stuff and much more. I have crazy dreams  like winning an Oscar, signing a book contract with Harpercollins, act in a Christopher Nolan movie (If he plans to make one of those Batman movies again, off course) and much more. I am also in the process of drafting my first manuscript, which I havent touched in over two years. I also have a youtube channel that I do not update regularly. All I do is complain about it on this blog. I am not even doing justice to the name Sweet Chaos. I started this blog in order to keep my work motivated but I am not doing that also.
I guess the least I can do is write something everyday. I have to get off my ass soon  'cos time ain't waiting for no one. I am sorry to bore you'll with my rants. This is possibly the last one :-p

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Unnecessary Euphoria

I am no psychologist or a life coach, but I have had my share of insecurities and stress and I have devised ways to deal with them. I am not a very adventurous person but last night I did something really amazing. I wouldn't go into details. So, I stay in a hostel, and of course you are not supposed to go to the terrace but I did go with a friend. I was scared as shit. My friend put on some music and simply asked me to look up at the sky. It was amazing, finite number of stars sparkled in the sky, playing hide-and-seek time to time hiding behind clouds. Then all thoughts simply began to subdue, kind of dissolved in the vast sky. The jazz music simply matched the sound of water leaking from a tank behind, which was irritating me before. I believe this is it. Those books do not lie when they say you should appreciate the little things in life. I know I might sound like some monk, but you know, life kinda gets easier when you try to draw the bigger picture of life part by part.   

Saturday, 9 April 2016

A letter for her...

Oh Love,
               why don't you understand? Those flowers are not a sign of a  caring friend. I intend to be a lot more. Why are you worried that we would lose what we have? I'm asking for a step forward not backward. I can no longer stand without holding your pretty face in my hands and stare into those sparkling eyes of yours. I no longer can resist returning those little pecks you give to me with those softest lips of yours. I can no longer pretend that I do not smell your beautiful hair when we hug..I can't. Nevertheless, I will continue doing these things because I know you are happy where you are, hoping that you will reach the same place as me. I desperately await that moment. Desperately.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

My car does not have a rear view mirror, 'cos I never look back in life, ( or that I am broke, like really broke!)

Friday, 11 March 2016

Friend in need is a friend indeed

Friendship is the one thing that eludes me. Sometimes you are willing to craziest stuff for your friends benefit and sometimes fight over something as trivial as money. Though it is my blog title I somehow do not agree with the proverb. I find that making this statement  the universal code for friendship is just not right. I have come to this belief through a recent incident in my life. There is this friend of mine, and I happened to owe him some money. The only problem was that I was short on money at the time he needed his money back. What started as a polite conversation turned into a heated situation. He got angry with me and asked me to arrange money at any cost. As you would imagine, I couldn't. I kept hiding from him as I wanted to avoid any kind of uncomfortable conversation. But I did run into him, and then something totally unexpected happened. Instead of getting angry on  me he simply told me that I should have talked to him. When I explained my situation he told he would arrange the money from elsewhere and told me I could have avoided this whole fiasco by simply talking. I understood a new thing about friendship; it is all about being cool with each other. If you can't help a friend at a bad time doesn't mean you are a bad a bad friend, it simply means you are human not perfect.

I am still not sure whether I proved something hear, its more of a rant or a monologue, but thanks for reading through my feelings ;-)

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Epiphany needed!


They say the best way to  be an excellent dancer is to let go of your body and be one with the song. I believe this similar idea applies to poetry and that worries me the most. I have written several poems, but somehow they I am not proud of them. I feel my mind is tied up with a metaphorical chain which has also imprisoned my feelings. I feel like I'm writing worthless rhyming words at the end of sentences.  But I know I'll have an epiphany, and then there wouldn't be just words....

Tuesday, 8 March 2016




I've made mistakes
Placed my life on many stakes
But one mistake was heinous
Which to my conscience is treacherous

The mistake of holding back my feelings
Love could have caused a number of healings
But I let her go
To suffice my stupid ego

She was right there
Give her soul away for me to bare
But I had my greed to suffice
I had brought our relationship to thin ice

Wealth of her family was all I saw
And she thought our love had no flaw
I made her beg for love
Not even fearing the almighty above

I made her choose between her family and me
I was committing a crime I didn't see
She had no choice, she cried
Before she jumped off the creek and died

It all happened fast
I told myself the guilt wouldn't last
But I can't forget that lifeless face
That wanted for nothing, but my embrace

Now I only cry every single night
Wanting to choke myself tight
As I can't forget that one mistake
Of sin it makes me rake

I starve for her forgiveness
But now she lost in the wilderness
And I'm bestowed with a deserved curse
I can't find the wealth of love in any universe

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hi friends, I am Dhairya Joshi. I aspire to be a good poet, writer and filmmaker in my life. I will be using this blog to publish my works and entertain your criticism. Here and there I might also write a few vanity cards (totally inspired from Chuck Lorre). Sweet Chaos are two combined words that describe my life. I hope you would heartily partake this journey with me. I assure some sweet chaos for you too!!!