Sunday, 10 April 2016

Unnecessary Euphoria

I am no psychologist or a life coach, but I have had my share of insecurities and stress and I have devised ways to deal with them. I am not a very adventurous person but last night I did something really amazing. I wouldn't go into details. So, I stay in a hostel, and of course you are not supposed to go to the terrace but I did go with a friend. I was scared as shit. My friend put on some music and simply asked me to look up at the sky. It was amazing, finite number of stars sparkled in the sky, playing hide-and-seek time to time hiding behind clouds. Then all thoughts simply began to subdue, kind of dissolved in the vast sky. The jazz music simply matched the sound of water leaking from a tank behind, which was irritating me before. I believe this is it. Those books do not lie when they say you should appreciate the little things in life. I know I might sound like some monk, but you know, life kinda gets easier when you try to draw the bigger picture of life part by part.   

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