Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Embarrasing Situation

the embarrassing situation

i was chatting with dis pretty gal
Though she was just a pal
i was flirting with her
she knew i was kidding with her

I was also chattin with my girlfriend
Our lovley chat was supposed to end 
I wanted to make it romantic
B'coz I am a poem fanatic

I typed 'My world lies in your eyes,
There is where my soul lies'
But then there was a little error
My heart was filled with terror

I had written it to the other girl
My mind had began to swirl
The girl asked weather I was drunk
At the moment my heart totally sunk

i felt i had done unforgiveable crimes
I typed in'sorry' a hundred times
But the girl was very merciful
she forgave me and said my poems were beautiful!!!


  1. It's a wonderful poem but better improve your grammar ur poem contains a lot of silly mistake

  2. Thanks a lot, I will work on it!!!!