Saturday, 30 April 2016

Shortlived Romance

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She was in a different school
But her attraction still made me drool
But nothing was possible
To her my feelings weren't even audible

She had a muscular boyfriend
Whom I didn't want to offend
Coz he'd give me a sprain
If he took a look in my brain

But she was in my tuition class
Maths, for this reason I could never pass
I couldn't stop looking at her
Her surroundings were a mere blur

So I decided to take a chance
Try to woo her with my amateur romance
I got her a lot of chocolates the other day
I had to get her, in any way

But at the door my bad luck rang
The chocolates were seen by the entire girl gang
They devoured all the chocolate
I looked at the floor contemplating my fate

So I spent all my pocket money
And still didn't taste any honey
This was my embarrassing affair
I pray to god these are rare

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