Friday, 11 March 2016

Friend in need is a friend indeed

Friendship is the one thing that eludes me. Sometimes you are willing to craziest stuff for your friends benefit and sometimes fight over something as trivial as money. Though it is my blog title I somehow do not agree with the proverb. I find that making this statement  the universal code for friendship is just not right. I have come to this belief through a recent incident in my life. There is this friend of mine, and I happened to owe him some money. The only problem was that I was short on money at the time he needed his money back. What started as a polite conversation turned into a heated situation. He got angry with me and asked me to arrange money at any cost. As you would imagine, I couldn't. I kept hiding from him as I wanted to avoid any kind of uncomfortable conversation. But I did run into him, and then something totally unexpected happened. Instead of getting angry on  me he simply told me that I should have talked to him. When I explained my situation he told he would arrange the money from elsewhere and told me I could have avoided this whole fiasco by simply talking. I understood a new thing about friendship; it is all about being cool with each other. If you can't help a friend at a bad time doesn't mean you are a bad a bad friend, it simply means you are human not perfect.

I am still not sure whether I proved something hear, its more of a rant or a monologue, but thanks for reading through my feelings ;-)


  1. the only thing i came to know till now is..... Just talk to ur best friends whatever the problem is..... Might not be the perfect... But they always do have a solution....ending with...."tu bi na yrr..pehle bolta to itna qutiyapa nai hota"