Tuesday, 8 March 2016




I've made mistakes
Placed my life on many stakes
But one mistake was heinous
Which to my conscience is treacherous

The mistake of holding back my feelings
Love could have caused a number of healings
But I let her go
To suffice my stupid ego

She was right there
Give her soul away for me to bare
But I had my greed to suffice
I had brought our relationship to thin ice

Wealth of her family was all I saw
And she thought our love had no flaw
I made her beg for love
Not even fearing the almighty above

I made her choose between her family and me
I was committing a crime I didn't see
She had no choice, she cried
Before she jumped off the creek and died

It all happened fast
I told myself the guilt wouldn't last
But I can't forget that lifeless face
That wanted for nothing, but my embrace

Now I only cry every single night
Wanting to choke myself tight
As I can't forget that one mistake
Of sin it makes me rake

I starve for her forgiveness
But now she lost in the wilderness
And I'm bestowed with a deserved curse
I can't find the wealth of love in any universe